Sunday, February 20, 2011

And so it starts..... U r b a n N a t u r e

Well, after four weeks at college, with all of us oohing and aahing over our final designs and not too sure over what we are planning on creating.... we are finally starting to put together our final collections!!! its been such an exciting experience, because we all finally, after two years of extremely hard work, get the opportunity to showcase our talent as designers and what we have to offer the industry!!

...U r b a n   N a t u r e...

My final prĂȘt a porter collection which I will be designing will focus strongly on summer/spring 2011 fashion and will be well along the lines of my own personal taste. The collection will be very sophisticated, elegant and chic. It will consist of neutral colours, luxurious fabrics, lavish textures and sophisticated silhouettes with a resort feel.
The garments will be very easy to wear whilst oozing elegance, confidence and poise. I am going for a very versatile look where you will be able to interchange garments within the collection allowing for a very versatile look. I feel my collection which i will be designing will be very fresh, new and unmarked and epitomises my exact style and take on fashion.
Fabrication ideas: I will be using various types of linens, jersey knits, leather, chiffons and cottons. The fabrics and their various textures will be carefully picked for each design for a comfortable fit but also a flattering and classy look. The textures i am aiming for are soft, smooth, sandy and rough.
Colour ways: The colours I will be using are very neutral with various shades of blue to help the collection stand out. These are: Real cream, sky blue, tangy teal, sandy brown, light brown, gold, silver and fresh white.

Silhouette:  The shape and silhouette will consist of full garments with lots of volume which will also be created by adding layering to each outfit. The range will be flowing and consist of draped and flared pieces. The collection will also be relatively structured and form fitting, which will help with cohesion and will blend the range together. The silhouette will be specifically designed to attract the attention of onlookers and capture various different contours of the silhouette.

Embellishments and prints:  the collection will contain various different embellishments such as beading and buttons.

Accessories:  Chunky jewellery, earrings, bangles for volume, flower hair clips, belts, elegant shoes (all the same for cohesion) bags and clutches.

Hair and makeup:  hair in loose curls with flower hair clips in one side, soft and feminine. Neutral eye shadows with hints of blue, fresh face, soft pink lips.

Target market:  20 – 28

Styling:  chic look, fresh faced model, clean cut, sophisticated

Here are just a few inspirational images which inspired be.........................

These are just a few of my designers inspiration...
will post some more pics soon :)
chat soon :)

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