Saturday, March 19, 2011

E x p l o r i n g A n c i e n t C u l t u r e s

Our most recent design history assignment we had to do was to explore Ancient tribal cultures -

and the influences they had on body modifications :)

I chose to explore the ancient Murusi tribe of Ethiopia. 

Below are some extracts from my assignment :)

L i p  P l a t e s  w i t h i n  t h e  M u r u s i  T r i b e

Throughout human history, body modifications have been and still are to some, a mind-boggling and incomprehensible occurrence. During centuries which have passed, in some way or the other, there have been a number of various different techniques and ways which have been developed in order to alter the body’s appearance.
History and its happenings have most definitely affected and changed how we view certain elements when it comes down to body modification in itself. 
Many various different indigenous groups, who were never participants within the westernized civilisation have affected how we as westerners view and can appreciate how steadfast and strong these native ethnicity's feel towards their culture.

One of these important native gatherings which still exist, to a certain degree today, are known as the Mursi tribal people of Ethiopia. 

The Murusi people believed very strongly in their culture and the traditions which they followed.
All women of varying ages amongst the tribe actively participated in various different traditions which to us might seem rather disturbing, severe and often quite unpleasing to the eye. However the Murusi believed, that these customs that they followed, were aesthetically beautiful and improved their chances of attaining suitable husbands. 

Amongst the Murusi tribe the main and most intense alteration was the stretching of various different body parts by means of either a clay or wooden disc/plate - the main and most spoken about being the upper and lower lips. 

Other appendages which were also stretched and decorated with these discs included the nostrils and ear lobes, but these were not as frequently used within the tribe. 

We were also required to render an illustration pertaining to our assignment...

Hope you enjoyed the quirky read... lol

chat soon :)

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