Sunday, March 13, 2011

They don't call it third year for nothing..........

Wowee, what a week. I peronally think that the past art week we just experienced was one of the most tiring and sleep depriving weeks of my entire life. On monday, crawling into class after not sleeping for an entire week, we had to hand in 140 back and front technical drawing designs which illustrated our collections. Along with these, was a 800 word critique on the oh so wonderful design Indaba (previous blog) due for communications and sociology studies. 

Tuesday we were required to redraw 44 front and back designs of our final technical drawings chosen from our original 140. Wednesday was quite jam packed as well! we were required to drape a half scale dummy in teams of two. I paired up with the lovely Jenna Kipling (thethirdsketch and we created a wonderful red and white lace creation inspired by the mood 'LOVE'. We also had to hand in our 2nd illustration. Mine was inspired by culture and the upper east side combined with various textural elements! (just one more illustration due).

Along with this a CAD test was thrown in the loop as well..... we had to create 5 various elements on photoshop from scratch........SMOKE-HAIR-CLOUDS-GLASS AND FUR. All but smoke was relatively easy..... that one was rather say the least. :) 

Thursday we were told to start our 9 final storyboards for our collections and its back and front so make that 18!!!!! oh and also hand in a display unit designed around our collection. Friday we had to hand in our final 44 Technical drawings and eventually rolled back out the door and straight into bed at about three o clock that afternoon.... but only for an hour cause need to begin the next 6 assignments due for next week!!! 

Thank goodness this week is over, i'v practically milked the creative segment of my brain for all its truly worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

here some pictures of the week




Till next time :)

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