Sunday, April 24, 2011

One of them crazy ones..... :)

Well its going to be a horendously CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY week ahead of me!!

Its one of those jam packed cant breathe weeks where you  barely get any sleep!! firstly and most importantly I have to create my first garment which I have designed for my collection !! luckily, for this one I get a cool 3 weeks to create this outfit due to the wonderful loooonnnggg weekend FEDISA has so kindly given to me!! along with this, i have a gigantic art assignment due sometime, oh and we also have to write up a report on the wonderful royal wedding which is to take place on the 29th April 2011! (Excited Face :) ) 

This past week has been all about patterns for me and im really looking forward to start sewing up my first garment throughout next week, little anxious though on how its going to turn out and if my vision is going to be achieved!!! Oh well then let me get cracking.....

here are just a few pictures of everything i spoke about.....

Start of patterns for collection

Wills and Kate....Royal wedding to come

First garment I will be making
chat soon :)

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