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Street trends...

Fashion forecasting and foreseeing various fashion trends is the prediction of mood, behaviour and buying habits of the customer at a particular time of any particular season, based on their values, traditions and within their society. It has been a global phenomenon which has been around since the Middle Ages and still today, and for many years to come, it will continue to be the staple prerequisite to envisaging ones seasonal wardrobe.
Although the current trends for this season are right there, up my alley and are of top notch form. I really enjoyed the layering and more refined look within the fall season of last year. I think it was a top seller and a nice break from the usual grunge, ripped jeans look we see year in and year out. Another key item which I really enjoyed from last season’s spring was the knee high socks and printed hoses! These were such a big hit and I think deserve more shelf life. With regards to menswear - although moving slower in fashion, I think the whole military look is a big winner! On the other hand, I’m really enjoying this season’s bold and colourful stripe.
Fashion is ongoing and ever-changing, so no two seasons are ever alike, maybe in slight similarity, but there is always something new and fresh which grasps the eyes of the public.
After researching various possible trends to come I scoured the streets of town and various local hotspots to determine what the actual public’s interpretation of the coming seasons trends are going to be. Personally, I feel that Cape Town is riveted with stylish people, maybe not in line with everyone’s personal taste, but most has their unique take and approach to what fashion forward is to them.
I found four very different and very unique individuals, who all love what fashion means and how they can express themselves differently on a day to day basis. After photographing them and having a brief discussion I came up with the following conclusion with regards to their style and the new trend patterns which they are going to follow in upcoming seasons.
I found Aldines take on fashion to be very eclectic and diverse. She said fashion is a constant change room (nice choice of words) and everyday is a new adventure to what her wardrobe is going to bring to the floor.
Tony, a funky art student said her take on fashion is pretty main stream and portrays exactly who she is as a person. She describes herself as a girly, rock chick and enjoys the fun take she approaches fashion with.
I found Kent’s style to be very boho and relaxed. He said he leads a pretty casual day to day life and wants to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. He said he enjoys mixing old and timeless classic pieces with new and fresh ones.
Mzo’s style was very casual but still modern. He said he loves name branded clothing and tries to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.
After reviewing their outfits I concluded that the trends for the upcoming seasons could possibly include the following various pieces:
Classic bohemian pieces
Check and plaid prints
Vintage archetypal accessories
The stocking and pumps craze
Printed t shirts
Sling bags
For the past number of seasons, pumps or ballet shoes as some people may call it, became a huge fashion trend, which has stuck for many years. They are practical and comfortable and can go with almost any other item or accessory in your wardrobe. I predict that they will never become ‘overdone’ or worse for wear, and believe that for the next several seasons, are most definitely here to stay.
The stocking craze is also another item which was definitely a big winner and along with leggings can also be worn with practically anything and everything. Whether it be under shorts, under boots, under dresses or even on its own.
Classic bohemian pieces are another trend which I predict will arrive within in the next seasons fashion forecast. They make one stand out and add a very eclectic taste to ones wardrobe. Bohemian pieces can also be paired with very modern pieces as well. They make for a very interesting outfit and many people are jumping to this new idea and fashion statement.
Check and plaid is also making a comeback from the retro 70’s trend. Many people will enjoy the bold and bright addition to their wardrobe. It can be worn in a modern or a casual aspect, or even with a more formal approach.
With regards to accessories, this upcoming season will focus more on timeless, vintage archetypal pieces allowing for an outfit to become more meaningful and purposeful.
Boots are also a very trendy accessory which is up and coming into the new seasons. They are practical and comfy and come in so many ranges that your wardrobe will always be so diverse. A good pair of boots can also generally last several seasons and I believe will remain here to stay for a number of seasons as well.
Printed t-shirts are also a funky way for one to express themselves and is a great way to add more style to ones outfit. Although the ‘big’ handbag is still a big winner amongst various fashion retailers. I think that the ‘across the body’ sling bag is going to take the fashion world by storm.
Many of these predicted trends are also affected by the economy and the social and cultural situations within the country. Although the recession has passed its dreadful peak, many are still trying to get back on their feet. Whilst doing this one still wishes to remain stylish and fashion forward.
The vintage trend which is about to take off, is most likely due to the fact that there currently are not enormous amounts of money to spend as opposed to the past. People are fishing out old pieces, which would generally be outdated and interpret them in their own modern way, ultimately to save money.
Another reason for past trends being revisited is due to this environmental and eco friendly conscious world we now live in. Many are now finding it wasteful to throw away cheap unwanted items and would rather keep these items for several seasons to come, and just interpret them in new and unique ways each time.
Many are also just following the social trend and dressing as others do, even if it is with disregard to their own personal style. This happens mostly in the younger generations where the need to ‘fit in’ is more applicable and relevant.
With regards to my own personal opinion, being a young and fashion orientated person, really helps me to keep up with the latest fashions and current trends.
Fashion plays such a key role in my life and I personally feel one should always look their best. One of the ways in which to look your finest is to be conscious of the most up-to-date fashion trends within the fashion design industry.
I am continuously reading the latest fashion magazines and following various different fashion design blogs. FTV is most definitely and undoubtedly still one of the most influential forecasters when it comes to fashion as well. Along with following these various different cliques’, I do also enjoy staying true to myself and who I am as a person! Although I somehow always manage to incorporate new and interesting trends into my everyday attire as well.

Name: Tony 

      Shorts: Thrift store

T-shirt: A-List

Tights: Vibes

Cardigan: Friends
Scarf: Pick n pay clothing
Boots: Grahams town festival market
Earrings: MR Price

Bag: Thrift store

Name: Kent
T-shirt:Jay Jays

Jeans: He can't remember
Shoes: Hilton Weiner

Jersey: Second hand store
Belt: School and leisure

Name: Mzo  

Jeans: Vertigo

T-shirt: Mr Price
Shirt: Supreme Being

Shoes: Superga
Bag: Billabong

Name: Aldine
Dress: Got it in London
Cardigan: Foschini
Stockings: Woolworths
Bag: Hermanus flea market
Shoes: Office a shop in London
Necklace: YDE
Glasses: YDE
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