Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is no joke

This week has been absolutely hectic and never expected it to be this tiring!! 

I am currently 3/4 way done with my first outfit and so far its turning out just as i imagined it would!! The first garment for my collection consists of a lovely cropped jacket with a flowy draped corseted dress. There is also a under bust corset which sits over the dress. :) lots of bead work, but so far i am enjoying every sleepless minute of it!!!

On Friday I got to take a little breather and watch the exquisite royal wedding.... well absolutely STUNNING that was!! a real princess fairytale!!!

Wits back to college on Tuesday, and just one more "holi - day" left. Although it was one hectically busy weeks, it was certainly fun :))))

some pics of my week :)
Beading :)

Dining table :(

Sewing :)


Wills and Kate wed :)

Chat soon :)

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