Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The final drape....

Well, as my degree and time at FEDISA is starting to draw to a close.... I am relieved to say that I am in my final art week,,,, and although it was incredibly inspirational this past year... I am excited to finally get a decent nights sleep. As my final drapery project, we were given the freedom to create anything we desired.... except only being allowed to use 10 by 10 cm square pieces of fabric.

I decided to base my designs around two people who have fallen in love, but cannot be together, and is portrayed through her eyes. Her wedding dress is no longer in perfect condition as she has been running through the misty forest for ages, trying to escape her torment and sorrow. Although her heart is batted and bruised, she is still beautiful. The white on the dress symbolises her purity and love, whereas the black, her sadness and despair.

The name of my drapery is Ethreal Romantics, and we were also asked to submit a moodboard which corresponded with our design.

Till next time...

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