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‘PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’
"Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."
Each year, millions of animals of various different breeds are slaughtered in the most inhumane ways possible, purely for the greed of the human race. These poor creatures are shunned from any sort of life, either by factory farms; for their meat, or in the clothing trade, solely for their skins. Although these are the two main areas in which animal abuse is primarily focused on, the exploitation of these animals does unfortunately delve much deeper than most of humanity actually come to know. There are many different animal organizations located in various parts of the world, all which are taking a stand against animal mistreatment in some way or another. Currently one of the largest operating organizations in the world is PETA – who are  fighting solely for the ethical treatment of animals and defending the right to which these animals have. They are based in the USA, but operate on a global scale, making the public become more aware of what animals actually endure to satisfy humanity’s gluttony.
Starting with factory farming, pigs, sheep, cows and chickens above all suffer and endure incomprehensible levels of pain and mutilation for the ‘need’ to satisfy human consumption. Pigs alone are kept in confined spaces for extended periods of time. This is in order to feed their young and is on the most part never allowed to sit or  stand and are ultimately forced to lie on their sides for six to eight weeks, developing unsightly sores and diseases. Once they are no longer required they are pulled out of their cage and either left to die, or are hung and then later discarded. Most piglets are then taken to be slaughtered, where the other are disposed of by bashing their heads against brick walls or stomped on until death occurs. The reason this takes place, is that factory farms find it to be the cheaper alternative to either stunning or shooting them. Either way, both methods are extremely stressful for these animals and they are aware and have the ability to understand what is about to happen to them. In the United States alone a shocking 283 383 chickens alone are slaughtered daily by means of a convey belt which decapitates them. Prior to this slaying they are kept in extremely overcrowded spaces and will only have the opportunity to have life for 28 days before death. The above mentioned facts is only to name a few of the torturous acts directed towards livestock today.
The clothing trade today is currently one of the most debateable and controversial topics of discussion around. Many people are still for the use of real fur in today’s fashion industry, but more importantly more and more of mankind are taking a stand against the use of this fur within the industry. The fact that animals are electrocuted, strangled and skinned alive in order to prance around in a coat, are encouraging people to take the faux fur industry to higher levels. In China alone, over 4000 dogs and cats are skinned alive each day for their fur and they are also currently ranked as to have on  e of the highest slaughter rates in the world. Other animals used within the clothing trade include, for their fur: beavers, chinchillas, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, seals and bears. Exotic animals such as snakes and crocodiles are slaughtered for their leather as well as livestock such as sheep slayed for their wool.
Many campaigns have been conducted in order to reduce the fur industry and celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Madison and Pamela Anderson just to name a few have stripped down to fight for animal rights. The debate in todays civilization is that there are so many faux furs available in todays market that the need for the real ‘thing’ is no longer actually required.
Although factory farming and the clothing industry is amongst the worst abuse one can find, there are other areas which also need to be made more public. Animals are enslaved, beaten and kept in chains in order to satisfy human entertainment and they are also mutilated, poisoned and blinded for scientific research. Cruel sports, such as bull fighting and dog-fighting are another concern which is quickly growing in statistics around the world. These animals are forced to participate in these activities for entertainment purposes and are subjected to lifetimes of aggression and abuse. Debatably circuses are also another area in which the term abuse is also stipulated, as many believe that animals have the right to roam free and to not be restrained to confined spaces.
In laboratories all over the world animals are being used purely in the name of science and spend their lives in cages being mutilated and abused. A picture which has shocked the world with regards to animal testing was that of a monkey who was confined to a test tube and subjected to various experiments in order to see how long a product would last if placed on humans. The animal was subjected to extreme heat conditions as well as freezing temperatures. This case is one of millions which subject animals to laboratory abuse and many people are still unaware of what actually takes place within.
Although much has been done to campaign the abuse directed towards animals, the exploitation does unfortunately continue. Hopefully we can look forward to a world where animals also have a voice and no longer have to be subjected to mankind’s greed. However, this seems hesitant due to the fact that mankind disgustingly feels entitled to simply whatever they want and require. We need to go back in time and remember who was here first? And what gives us the right? 

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